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Google have a range of tools that could be described as geospatial in nature and more information about these tools can be found here. Google Maps is a simple map viewer but you can search for different features of our world such as natural features, roads or businesses. Google Maps Engine Lite takes this viewing tool a step further allowing the user to draw their own features on the map. Maps Engine Lite is viewed as a halfway option between a simple map viewer like Google Maps and a full-blown GIS software package that gives students the ability to input their own data and manipulate it on the map. Google Earth is the storytelling tool, although it is not without its analysis options. Students can view and create maps in Google Earth but their are some really useful map layers provided by Google; look in the 'Layers' section and also try the historical imagery tool (small watch along the top toolbar) to view imagery from the (generally recent past).

Google Maps

Measuring water quality with Google Maps activity aligned to draft Australian Curriculum: Geography

Predicting weather and reporting with Google Maps

Google Maps Mania is a really useful blog that updates about the use of Google Maps in the real world.

Google Maps Engine Lite

Update: To access Maps Engine Lite, open Google Maps and sign in with your Google Account. You can then click on 'My Custom Maps' in the search bar to access the map building tool.

Using Maps Engine Lite to display water quality data:

Google Earth 

Google Earth tutorials

Google Earth for Educators

Google Earth Lessons

Google Earth in the Classroom

Unofficial Google Earth blog

Trimble SketchUp (formerly Google SketchUp)

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